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Deep Tissue Massage

Massage Therapy Pittsburgh, Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

We provide Deep Tissue Massage in Pittsburgh that melts away fascia restrictions to reach “deep” muscle, ligament and tendon tensions.  This is the best massage for chronic stress areas caused by misalignment, inflammation, arthritis, repetitive motion, injury rehabilitation and chronic pain.  During a Deep Tissue Massage, lactic acid is flushed from your tissue. Because of this, it is important to drink lots of water after your massage.  Deep Tissue Massage takes several sessions and a regular massage regimen to receive its full benefit. Engage Deep Tissue Massage and begin working towards a healthier you!

Your Deep Tissue Massage will be one hour.

We provide Deep Tissue Massage in Pittsburgh and South Hills
Our services are by appointment only.
Please call us at 412-420-7183 to schedule your massage today.
24 hours notice is required for cancellations.

For the deepest penetration possible as your therapist to use Toast Naturally Warming Massage Cream during your massage.  You can purchase the 5 oz jar for $14.99 so you can take it  with you for self-care at home.

Our founder, Scott Korb, was instrumental in the development of Toast Naturally Warming Massage Cream. Toast NWMC is a heat-activated massage cream targeted to work on soft tissue, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and more


Learn about Toast Naturally Warming Massage Cream