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Eye Pillows

Eye Pillows
  • Aromatherapy


Each 3.75"" x 8.75"" eye pillow is filled with French Lavender and Organic Flax Seed for a luxurious, relaxing experience. Place over closed eyes, feel the gentle pressure relax and soothe tension. Lavender aroma produces a calming influence over the entire body.



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Satin Lavender Eye Pillows


Suggested Uses:

  • Use at bedtime to promote a deeper sleep
  • Use chilled for migraines and puffy eyes – Place in a freezer bag and chill in freezer for several hours
  • De-stress and relax by turning your focus inwards
  • Use at room temperature to meditate after yoga
  • Great for tired eyes that have focused on a screen for to long during a day
  • Relieve carpel tunnel by using under wrists while working and enjoy the relaxing laveder scent

Made in the USA

Lavendar eye pillows and the CranioCradle pair together well to provide a 5 to 15 minute stress relief exercise from the comfort of your home.