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Stress and Pain Relief Services

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How Massage Impacts Your Whole Body

• The muscular system: Massage stretches and relaxes muscles which reduce pain and stiffness. Massage also releases the toxins built up in your muscles which can be the culprit of stiff, sore muscles.
• Lymphatic system: Massage stimulates the lymphatic system which helps the body eliminate waste products. The relaxing effect of the massage can relieve stress, which in turn can boost the immune system.
• Circulation system: Massage improves the blood flow which has a positive impact in your entire body. Improved blood flow is of particular importance to diabetics and the elderly.
• The skeletal system: Your bones are positively impacted by massage. Massage improves circulation which send oxygen and nutrients to your bones. Also, as your muscles become more flexible joint movement increases and joint pain and stiffness decreases.
• The nervous system: Stress impacts your nervous system. Massage is proven to have a positive impact on stress-related conditions like insomnia and tension headaches.
• Respiratory system: When you are relaxed your breathing slows down which causes you to take deeper, slower breaths which is good for your lungs. Massage can also improve chest congestion from a common cold.
• Digestive system: Due to the relaxing effect massage has on your body as a whole food and waste is moved through the digestive system with greater ease.
• Urinary system: Massage aids in lymphatic drainage and releases toxins from your muscles which make their way you’re your kidneys allowing waste to be quickly eliminated.
• Female reproductive system: Massage aids pain relief from cramping, PMS and menopausal symptoms.